Konrad Lohse, PI


We are interested in understanding how recent, population level processes have shaped sequence variation in genomes. Our research combines the development of statistical methods for estimating population history from genomic data with empirical work on speciation and community evolution in a variety of (mainly) Insect systems including, desert flies, high alpine beetles parasitoid wasps and butterflies.





William Walton, PhD student



My PhD focuses on developing new methods for detecting recent selective sweeps from sequence data. I want to to find out how a species' ecology influences the strength of selection it experiences. I am analysing whole genome data to investigate the selective signatures on candidate gene families in fruit flies and across a co-evolving guild of parasitoid wasps.





Hannes Becher, PhD student


I am a visiting PhD student from Richard Nichols' lab at QMUL in London working on a grasshopper hybrid zone. Among other things, I am interested in how population genetics interlinks with biogeography and in the behaviour of emerging sex chromosomes. My PhD includes field, lab, and computer work. I use methods and techniques such as microscopy, fluorescent in situ hybridisation, analysis of genomic and transcriptome sequencing data as well as modelling in R and python. My personal home page is here:




We are hiring!

Two postdocs to work on a newly funded ERC project 'ModelGenomLand - Modelling the genomic landscapes of selection and speciation':

Deadline, October 6th. To apply, go to:

If your are interested in joining the Lohse lab as PhD student please get in touch:

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